Secure payment solutions that can be used anywhere in the world

With EPIC23 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD, you can use each international credit card brand without entering into a contract with any individual card company.
We provide payment APIs and payment links for businesses operating sites for e-commerce and online shopping.
We also provide a variety of monthly billing services for subscription sites.

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This is a company where employees are a team in our business.
And we contribute to society.

What's important to us is that society, our customers, our company, and our team members are all happy. When all of this happiness comes together, we believe that we can create a business that will survive into the next generation and help create the future. Using the infrastructure of payments, we attempt to achieve a higher level of security, in turn contributing to society as a whole.

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At EPIC23 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD, we are looking for members to join our team.
With a frank corporate culture like you expect from a venture company, we provide a rich experience for both work and fun.
Think freely and use your abilities to their maximum potential.
This is a company where employees are a team in our business.
Join us and we can enjoy working together.

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