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About recruiting

With a frank corporate culture,
we provide a rich experience for both work and fun
with a new style of working that allows

expression of opinions irrespective of rank.

expression of opinions irrespective of rank.

At this company, all of our team members play the leading role in their work. This atmosphere allows all kinds of opinions to be expressed freely, even when they contradict each other. In order to create a future for society, clients, the company, and our teammates, we support the free exchange of opinions without concern for rank, enabling all employees to take a leading role.

"Fun" is an evaluation standard

Are the operations you do and the work you perform fun? No matter how much they could earn in sales or profits, we never choose to do jobs that aren't fun. We want to create a workplace where everyone smiles and enjoys their time.

Fun is an evaluation standard
Good ideas are adopted immediately

Good ideas are adopted immediately

Free thinking is a source of numerous good ideas.
When someone has a good idea, we immediately give shape to it, carrying out development, testing, and immediate implementation for adoption.

A rich experience for both work and fun

Work as a part of life. Work as a part of having fun, and having fun as a part of work. Achieving this is sure to lead to tons of ideas. To make this goal a reality, we give both work and fun our full effort.

A rich experience for both work and fun



  • Gym membership

    Gym membership

    Our employees carry out physical train to maintain their health. We provide support for attending sports gyms and taking part in other physical activities such as futsal (a type of indoor soccer) and yoga to whatever extent you're able to.

  • Individual defined contribution pension (iDeCo)

    Individual defined contribution pension (iDeCo)

    We provide support for joining an iDeCo pension in order to increase our employees' awareness and financial knowledge related to time deposits, insurance, and investment trusts.

  • Education membership

    Education membership

    We support our employees' efforts to improve their skills. When an employee submits a request for a skill-up course, if the studies they wish to take on have an affinity to our company and our growth expectations for employees, we provide a subsidy.

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